This tour's goal is to stay as long as possible sailing between islands (you get to sleep on the boats, yachts, sailboats or catamarans every night) either for 4 up to 8 days or for 15 days. Departures are done any day depending on the vessel's itinerary. 

You are able to choose: tourist yacht (10 to 12 passengers), tourist superior yacht (16 passengers), first class cruises (16 or 40 passengers) and luxury cruises (16, 40, 100 or more passengers). 

Please choose the type of boat and let us know which one fits your plans better so that we can give you more detailed information.

 Yacht Samba - 2021


Included in the cruise packages:

Lodging in the yacht of your choice, three complete meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner with drinks), free drinks, tea, coffee and a bottle of pure water that you can refill at your will, towels, transfer to the islands by public transportation, excursions on the islands, naturalist English-speaking guide.


Not included in the cruise packages cruises:

Entrance to the National Park Galapagos ($105 per person, to be paid in cash in Galapagos). Prepaid Transit Control Card Fee ($20 per person, to be paid in cash at the departure airport). Entrance to Isabela Island $20 per person, extra drinks (soda, alcoholic drinks), extra expenses, snorkeling equipment (for rent on board). Wetsuit (for rent on board), diving, lodging in Quito or in other cities (transfers in Quito $50 for two people per way), extra expenses and airplane ticket $520 per person Quito - Galapagos - Quito / $490 per person Guayaquil - Galapagos -Guayaquil (if the airline raises the price, we will charge you extra). PCR test or vaccination certificate.

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