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About Galaeco

Our company began in 1998 as a dream that merged ecology and tourism. Galaeco's goal has always been to develop an environmentally sensitive and sustainable tourism in Ecuador. We hope for the visitor to enjoy Ecuador's 50 protected natural areas while learning to live in balance with the environment. These are also the main goals pursued by the Ecuadorian Association of Eco-tourism (A.S.E.C.), of which we are a proud member. We belong to Quito Turismo: Touristic Registration Number: 1791410165001.001.9000134. We are also members of the World Organization of Eco-Tourism with its headquarters in the U.S.A.

Our tours offer a very comfortable experience aboard our custom yachts. The yachts allow the visitor to experience the beauty and richness of this unique area in a very intimate manner. 

Name of the company: Galaeco Galapagos Ecology S.A. 
Operation license # 17 - 7183
Member of: Metropolitan Corporation of Tourism
Member of: ASEC (Association of Ecuadorian of Ecotourism) 
Member of: CAPTUR (Chamber of Tourism of Pichincha)

Contact Us:

Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands
Phone-fax: (+593) 02 2406074 Quito

Cell: (+593) 09 78757241 Galápagos

Cell: (+593) 09 95800830 |

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Galaeco is member of:

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