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DEPARTURES: Sunday, Monday and Thursday (4, 5, 7 and 8 days) CAPACITY: 16 passengers

CABINS: 8 double cabins with bunk beds, private bathroom, hot water and air conditioning (upper deck cabin #1 and #2, main deck #3 and #4, lower deck #5, #6, #7 and #8). Comfortable dining room, living room, bar and sundeck 

SNORKELING: To rent on board: 8 days $15, 4 or 5 days $10  WETSUIT: To rent on board: 8 days $30, 4 or 5 days $15 CREW: 6 + 1 Bilingual Naturalist Guide (English, Spanish) 



DEPARTURES: Monday, Tuesday and Friday (4, 5 and 8 days) CAPACITY: 14 passengers
CABINS: 7 double cabins with bunks, air conditioning and private bathroom with hot water 

(2 cabins in upper deck, 2 cabins in main deck and 3 cabins in lower deck). Living room, dining room, bar, wide sundeck SNORKELING: To rent on board: 8 days $25, 5 days $20 

WETSUIT: To rent on board: 8 days $35, 5 days $20 CREW: 6+1 Bilingual Naturalist Guide (English, Spanish) FOR DETAILS

Included in the cruise packages:

Lodging in the yacht of your choice, three complete meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner with drinks), free drinks, tea, coffee and a bottle of pure water that you can refill at your will, towels, transfer to the islands by public transportation, excursions on the islands, naturalist English-speaking guide.


Not included in the cruise packages:

Bus Baltra - Chanel - Baltra $10 per person, Entrance to the National Park Galapagos ($100 per person, to be paid in cash in Galapagos), Prepaid Fees Transit Control Card ($20 per person, to be paid in cash at the departure airport), Entrance to Isabela island $10 per person, extra drinks (soda, alcoholic drinks), extra expenses, snorkeling equipment (for rent on board), wetsuit (for rent on board), diving, tips, lodging in Quito or in other cities, transfers in Quito $70 for two people per way), extra expenses and airplane ticket $550 per person Quito - Galápagos - Quito / Guayaquil - Galapagos -Guayaquil (if the airline raises the price, we will charge you extra). 

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